Building Permits

If you are planning any kind of building project, including purchasing a pre-built structure, please contact the building inspector to obtain a building permit. There are quite a few state laws around both building and demolishing structures that must be complied with, and the building inspector has the necessary paperwork to comply with these laws.


In particular, the NH Energy Code was revised on April 1, 2010 and many more projects now require approval under that code. Please check with the building Inspector when replacing doors, windows, or re-roofing. 

If you have questions about whether or not a project requires a building or demolition permit, please call the building inspector before the project is started as an "after the fact" permit will cost more.

Please click here for a printable Building Permit (pdf).

Should the Building Inspector or the Planning Board deny an application or if there is a request for a special exemption to the Zoning Regulations, an appeal may be made to the Zoning Board of Adjustment. Please contact the Town Office for more information. 

Fire Permits

Anyone who wishes to burn clean, ordinary combustibles such as leaves, brush or untreated lumber, or to have a camp or cooking fire MUST have written permission from the landowner and a Fire Permit from the Forest Fire Warden or the town Fire Department.  Please call Robert Langlands, the Forest Fire Warden, at 603-466-2022 to obtain a permit. 

More details on what can and cannot be burned and more information can be found starting on page 122, in the rear of the Town Report.

Regulations and Applications

The following links will take you to documents that may be useful in determining what changes or requests are possible in regards to your property and/or buildings. 

If you have further questions please contact the Town Office for assistance. 

Subdivision Applications


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