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The Shelburne Birches

The following passage is taken from Shelburne, NH - Its First Two Hundred Years by Margaret Merrell:
       "No description of Shelburne would be adequate without mention of its famous white birches which have almost become a symbol of the Town. Some years ago, the town made attempts to acquire the scenic stretch of birches along Rt. 2 so that it might be preserved. 
       The area has been marked by a small common in the center of which is a large boulder carrying a bronze plaque inscribed with a dedication to the 23 men and women who served in the armed forces. Lilacs, the state flower, and rose bushes, decendents of the first to be brought to Shelburne, frame the boulder against its forest background."

The Stone Fish

Made by George Emery in 1900, the Stone Fish was created along what is now Rt. 2. Other animals, including a turtle and an alligator, were also a part of the stone mason's collection. However, the rocks from those animals were used as levees during the great flood of 1935.
With the expansion of Rt. 2, the fish was moved further off the road in order to preserve it. 
If you're traveling from Maine to Gorham, the fish is visible on the left hand side of the road. 
(Photo provided by David Hamel)

The Old Man in the Valley

Located only a few miles from the ME/NH border on Rt. 2, sits the Old Man in the Valley. When one looks at the rock formation at a certain angle, the profile of man becomes clear. After the fall of the iconic Old Man of the Mountain in 2003, the symbol of the state of New Hampshire, people began to visit this version in order to fill the void that the orginial "Old Man" had left.
(Photo provided by Shirley Gosselin)

The Aston-Lessard Barn

The Aston-Lessard Barn was built in the 1880s as one of the several building son a large estate that was once owned by a wealthy New Yorker, W.K. Aston.
Over the barn's estimated 130-year history, it has served as a traditional barn housing livestock on the first level and hay on the second. Years later the barn was converted into a big band dance hall and featured some famous performers such as Glen Miller, Louis Prima, Rosemary Clooney, Bob Crosby (Bing's brother), Buddy Rich, Duke Ellington, and Jimmy Dorsey. The barn was remodeled in order to establish a larger dance floor, and eventually a skating rink.

The Aston-Lessard Barn passed away on November 29, 2018, after a snowstorm left a heavy weight that she could no longer endure. Once listed as one of NH’s “Seven to Save” list, the Lessards were active in trying to bring the barn back to her former glory. The collapse marks the end of an era for Shelburne.  

Shelburne Union Church

The Shelburne Union Church is a non-denominational church located in the the center of Shelburne Village. Customarily the church is open to the public for services through the months of July and August and for the occasional wedding or funeral service. 

Church services begin at 7 PM on Sunday evenings and last approximately an hour. 

Anyone interested in organizing an event at the church should contact the Town Office. 

Granny Starbird's Seat

More research is being done on this! Make sure to check back soon!

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